The most advantageous offers for the car insurance policy of January 2019

ביטוחי רכב בלוג רכב טיפים

Throughout January and until 7 February 2019, Verti proposes to customers the purchase of a car policy or a motorbike policy in 10 interest-free installments, in order to make the impact of the premium on the family budget lighter. The offer was born in collaboration with Findomestic and is valid for all amounts up to 1,500 euros.

For the signing of the policy and the financing proceed on line, calculating a quote, buying the insurance with a few days in advance of the expiry and choosing the option of payment in installments . A brief investigation of the financing will follow, to be approved by the financial company, and everything will end with the electronic signature of the contract and of the attached documents. The Verti car insurance policy can be customized with all the additional guarantees that you wish to add to the mandatory RCA, to protect the vehicle and the driver.

Genialloyd , a direct company of the Allianz group, has increased the RCA ceiling for property and personal damage to 6,100,000 euros (calculated on a claim basis). With Genialloyd car insurance you can also add two new collision guarantees , to cover cases where the accident is caused by unidentified vehicles or by collision with animals. This is a solution that completes the compensation provided in these situations by the Vittime della Strada Fund , which in the event of an accident involving light damages only covers damages to the driver. The warranty Genialloyd intervenes then to cover thedamage to the vehicle up to the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

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