Car insurance: 2% of the inhabitants will pay more in 2019

Bad news for over 35 thousand Ligurian motorists. In 2019 there is an increase in the cost of Rc Auto and a deterioration of its class of merit. This is what emerges from the survey conducted by .

This situation will affect 5.09% of motorists in Liguria, a figure that is considerably higher than the national average, set at 3.83%, as well as the highest in Italy. However, the figure is down compared to 5.67 the previous year.

Analyzing the data of the Ligurian provinces, the Imperiese recorded the lowest value with 2.05%, followed by Savona with 4.42%, La Spezia with 5.64% and finally Genoa with 5.66%, a province where it registers the greater use of insurance to report claims with fault.

The average cost of car insurance in Liguria will be 601.50 euros, an increase of 1.78% compared to 2017: this is a figure that exceeds the national average set at 580.67 euros. In the province of Imperia the average cost of insurance will be 514.54 euros, with a decrease of 8.24% compared to 2017.

The less expensive province will be that of Savona where the average expenditure will be 491.20 euros, but where there is a 3.85% increase compared to the previous year, followed by the Genovese with 621.12 euros, recording a decline 0.68% and finally the most expensive province is that of La Spezia where the average cost of insurance will be 665.01 euros, with a record increase compared to 2017: a good 11.37%.

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Auto insurance, increase costs in 2019

In fact, who has been the protagonist of a sinister fault last year will increase its class of merit, with a ' surge in the cost of the policy .

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