Auto insurance, increase costs in 2019

ביטוחי רכב בלוג רכב טיפים

In fact, who has been the protagonist of a sinister fault last year will increase its class of merit, with a ' surge in the cost of the policy . In percentage it will be 3.83% of the drivers to undergo this treatment, fortunately there is a clear improvement compared to the situation in 2018.

Despite the fall in the second half of 2018, in December the average premium increased , reaching € 580.67, a good 3.16% more than the same month of the previous year. Unfortunately, Rc Auto, according to some researches carried out, is always a cost item that greatly affects the household budget . Even in 2019 the situation remains so and Italians will try to save as much as possible in this sector. Fortunately it seems that as many as 11 million drivers have already managed to find the best rates.

Doing an analysis of the sociodemographic profile of drivers who have reported a claim to the insurance company last year and therefore have to pay a higher policy, we can immediately say that men are 3.55% and women 4.33%. The average age of these individuals is 46 years and the novice drivers are absolutely those who have reported, in percentage, less accidents with fault than the national average. Perhaps due to a strong insecurity due to lack of experience , which leads to pay much more attention to driving and the various obligations and prohibitions on the roads.

The less cautious are the pensioners , 4.46% of them will see an increase in the Rc Auto tariffs . According to the declared profession then there are employees and teachers . The medical staff shows values ​​above the national average, even if down compared to last year, which were the first in the ranking with 5.03%. Then there are freelancers . If we have made a ranking of the "worst", we also see who are the most virtuous and skilled and as always in the first positions we find the clergymen and the armed forces .

A distinguishing distinction between the various regions of Italy , Liguria is the one with the highest percentage of motorists who have reported an accident with fault, there are then Lazio, Marche and Tuscany. The most diligent users , who will therefore see only a few increases in the cost of RC Cars, will find themselves in Molise, Calabria and Basilicata.

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